Inspiration ever since the cradle

Rio Branco Bordados, founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs Christina and Clara Rio Branco, creates exclusive pieces inspired by old drawing albums and exquisite objects that have always adorned the family’s home.

Behind every one of Rio Branco Bordados items there is an expertise in the choice of materials, in the artistic inspirations and in the art of entertaining.

All in order to offer unique embroidered products to our clients, who celebrate unforgettable moments in life, such as weddings and baptisms, always following the trends of the international Home Couture.

The creations of Rio Branco Bordados harmonize the vintage family tradition to the most contemporary references, such as the thrill and beauty of the Brazilian tropical flora and fauna, the chic tropical, and the intense colors of Brazil.

Embroidery like you’ve never seen before

In the shapes, colors and designs of each piece by Rio Branco Bordados, a sophisticated handcrafted outline links this century-old art with the most modern embroidery trends worldwide.

In our pieces, past present and future intertwine and harmonize, becoming clothes, towels, napkins, decorative items, among other things, pure objects of desire.