Details make the difference

Rio Branco Bordados dedicates special attention to the materials it uses in its creations. The linen comes from Egypt and Italy, always 100% cotton. The brand also uses organza and imported cotton cambric. All very exclusive for exclusive people!

Embroider your life experience


Besides functional, Rio Branco Bordados creations make the ambience much more charming. For an even more personalized experience, the brand develops pieces with designs suggested by customers, like the ones on tableware or family initials, for example.

Regardless if the inspiration is modern, conservative, sophisticated or minimalist: what Rio Branco Bordados offers is a memory for the whole life.

Art with social responsibility


Rio Branco Bordados also weaves a history of sustainability that makes a difference in the lives of the embroiderers who live in São Paulo’s countryside. Former coffee pickers were trained to make the brand’s embroidery. Today, in addition to dealing with art and having better living standards, they work next to their families and cultural roots.